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same business.
We’re here to take the pain points out of running your small, medium, or large business by solving common issues. Running a small business is currently a fragmented and opaque process. We are here to change that and we believe data should be free, verified, automated, and accessible.
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Our Story
We’re a small but mighty group of real people – including small business owners and business veterans – working to change the fate of business.

50% of small businesses fail by their fifth year. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Running a business is hard, even in the strongest of economies. Our countless conversations with our 40,000+ community members, the experience of helping small businesses adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, and our personal journey of learning to navigate business challenges have led us to create Circl, a big data company to power small businesses.
Data is best when shared.
Access verified shared data for free, so you can start making better decisions today.
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Our Team
Meet the people behind Circl.
Duncan MacDonald-Korth
Co-founder and CEO @ Circl
He owns and manages 2 businesses. Duncan got his Masters and PhD in Anthropology at University of Oxford.

Specialties: Data science, financial services, and digital media.

Lives: Coral Gables, FL
Rita MacDonald-Korth
Co-founder and Co-CEO,CPO @ Circl
She owns and runs 2 businesses. Rita got her Bachelors in Economics at University of Oregon.

Specialties: Community engagement, technology, product and business development.

Lives: Coral Gables, FL
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Dan Sachar - Investor
Chief Innovation Officer @ Circl
He is a Strategic Investor in Fintech Firms. Dan got his MBA at Columbia University.

Specialties: Innovation, financial services, and technology.

Lives: Coral Gables, FL
Adam Malamed - Investor
President @ Circl
He is a Strategic Advisor, Private Investor and Board Director in Financial Services.

Specialties: Financial services and wealth management.

Lives: Miami, FL
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